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Helpline provides information about connections, ticket prices, and also allows for the purchase of tickets over the phone. Available 24 hours a day,
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 Do I have to register my account to buy a ticket at

No, account is not required to purchase ticket(s) at Account is however useful for those users who make frequent ticket purchases.

 How to buy a ticket?

To buy a ticket you have to search for a connection using plain or advanced search. If a connection has an active Buy Ticket icon, it means that you can buy ticket for this connection. After clicking Buy Ticket icon, you have to fill in a purchase form and make a payment. Tickets may also be purchased over the phone at helpline. To buy tickets, call us on 703 402 802

 How to pay for the ticket?

Ticket reservation can be paid for in several ways:
  1. Online money transfer – on the payment site select the bank you wish to pay from and follow the instructions.
  2. Credit card – on the payment site select "Credit card" option and follow the instructions. You can use following types of cards: VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, PolCard. Cards issued by Polish and foreign banks are both accepted.
  3. Money transfer – if you don't have an internet bank account or a credit card you can make a traditional money transfer. In order to do this on the payment site select "Postal order/Transfer". After clicking "Pay" select a bank in which you will be making the transfer and download a form to fill in the transfer details.
  4. International money transfer – on the payment site select „Sofortbanking” and follow the instructions. You can make the transfer in the following currencies: EUR, GBP, CHF.
  5. Cash – you can buy tickets in one of more than 1000 stationary sale points.

 I paid for the ticket but have not received it yet. Why?

Online purchase

if transaction was successful (there was no error message during the purchase process), wait 30 minutes– you should receive ticket as a text message or PDF (recording of payment by the system can take up to 30 minutes).

if after 30 minutes you have not still received the ticket:

  • Make sure that email with your ticket has not been marked as spam and thus moved to your SPAM folder.
  • If you have chosen traditional money transfer e.g. via post office, our system may record payment even after several days and only then you will receive your ticket.
  • Contact our Customer Service on 12 399 44 10, or at

Telephone purchase

If you made the transfer in accordance with guidelines provided by the consultant during the telephone conversation and sent to you via email / text message, please wait until the specified payment deadline passes.

If after this date you have still not received the ticket:

  • Make sure that email with your ticket has not been marked as spam and thus moved to your SPAM folder.
  • Contact our Customer Service on 12 399 44 10, or at

 How many tickets are still available for a given connection?

Move mouse cursor over "Buy Ticket" icon to view information about the number of available seats. Additional tickets can usually be bought at the station or from the bus driver – to check if the tickets are still available there you have to contact directly the carrier operating the service. Carriers' contact data.

 Why the Buy Ticket icon is inactive/gray?

Inactive Buy Ticket icon means that the carrier does not run online sales in for this connection or the sales for this connection has been closed. Time of sale closing is defined individually by each carrier – for some connections it is 30 minutes before vehicle departure, for some it may be even 24 hours before the departure.
To learn what is the actual reason for the Buy Ticket icon being inactive, move the mouse cursor over it.

 Do I have to register and log in to buy a ticket?

No. You may buy ticket without logging in. In such case you will use ticket number, shown after payment, to manage the ticket (e.g. to return it).

Creating an account in and logging in gives you additional benefits e.g. system remembers your personal data and the ticket purchase form is filled in automatically; registered users gain access to discounts - our system remembers all user transactions and if carrier introduces discounts only registered users may access them.

 I have received ticket via text message or PDF, what now?

Take the ticket to the bus. Take the phone with the text message or take the printed ticket that you received via email. Important: Take the identity document that you have chosen during the ticket purchase – it will be verified by the bus driver. If you bought the ticket with a discount make sure that you have a document authorizing the discount.

 I selected ticket as a PDF file, do I have to print it?

Yes, ticket that has been delivered as PDF file, has to be printed. Important: Ticket is valid only with the identity document that has been chosen during the purchase process. If you bought ticket with a discount, take also the document authorizing the use of this discount.

 I made a mistake in passenger's data, how can I change it?

Log in to your account (if you have an account) or enter Ticket Number. Than click "Edit the passenger's data" and correct it.

 Is there an extra charge for ticket sent via text message?

No. You get a ticket via text message (split into 2 messages) and, in the event of loss, you can, after logging in to, send the ticket again (up to 2 times).

 I have chosen and received ticket as a text message, can I have it sent as PDF?

Yes. Log in to your account (if you have an account) or enter Ticket Number and than click "Download as PDF" or "Send via email or text message".

 I have chosen and received the ticket as PDF file, can I receive it as a text message?

Yes. Log in to your account (if you have an account) or enter Ticket Number and then click „Send via email or text message”. Caution: You can send the ticket as a text message only three times.

 I erased the text message with my ticket. Can I receive it again?

Yes. Log in to your account (if you have an account) or enter Ticket Number then click „Send via email or text message”. Caution: You can send the ticket as a text message twice only.

 I have deleted email with my ticket. Can I receive it again?

Yes. Log in to your account (if you have an account) or enter Ticket Number then click „Download as PDF” or „Send via email or text message”.

 I bought the ticket, but I could not make the payment on time, what should I do?

Online purchase

If you have booked the ticket, but for some reason you have not completed the transaction (you have not paid), just search for this connection again and make a reservation again. If there is no more seats available in internet sale, wait 30 minutes – after this time system will automatically cancel ticket(s) you have previously booked and return them to pool of available tickets.

Telephone purchase

If you booked your ticket over the telephone, but for some reason you have not paid for it (have not transferred the money), then, after the payment deadline has passed, the ticket booking will be cancelled by the system and the ticket will be returned to the pool of available tickets. You can purchase the ticket(s) again online or over the phone.

 Can I make a booking over the phone?

Yes. Tickets can be purchased via telephone helpline. To buy tickets, call us on 703 402 802. (Cost: 2,58 PLN incl. VAT / minute. Service provided by Progress Plus s.c.)

 I bought a ticket but the bus did not come/broke down. What should I do?

If you bought a ticket but you could not make the journey due to carrier's fault, please contact our customer service on +48 12 399 44 10 extension number 2 or make a complaint at – we will contact the carrier on your behalf and consider you complaint.

 Is it possible to return the ticket and how to do it?

Yes, the ticket can be returned. Terms and conditions are specified by carriers. The information about return deadline and amount is available during the ticket purchase process (before the payment). Click Fare terms & return policy during purchase process to view this information.

If you want to check if the ticket can be returned after succesful purchase, log in to your account (if you have an account) or enter Ticket Number then click „Cancel the ticket” - if return is impossible you will be informed with an appropriate message.

If return is possible, a window will pop up where you have to select the ticket you want to return and enter bank account number where money will be transfered. In accordance with regulations we have 14 working days to return the money.

 Is it possible to change the departure date or time and how to do it?

If you want to change the departure date (you want to travel using the service on the same time and operated by the same carrier but on different day), you have to check if for this service it is possible. To do this, log in to your account (if you have an account) or enter Ticket Number then click "Change departure date" and follow the instructions on the screen. If the change is not possible you will receive appropriate message.

If you want to change departure time you must return the ticket and buy a new one. check how to return the ticket.

 Can I book the ticket online or over the telephone and pay for it at the station/bus driver?

No. We provide parallel reservation and sale of the tickets. User receives paid ticket via text message or email.

 How much time do I have to pay for the ticket?

Online purchase

Each user when buying the ticket must make a payment within the time of 30 minutes. This is due to the fact that after the approval of the ticket data correctness system removes the tickets that you reserved from the pool of all available seats for this service. If the pool of available seats is empty, no other user will be able to purchase a ticket for this connection. If the payment is not made ​within 30 minutes tickets go back to the pool of available seats, giving other users the possibility to reserve seat(s).

Telephone purchase

Anyone purchasing tickets over the phone receives a text message or an email informing of the date and time until when the system must receive payment for the booked ticket. This time and date is scheduled in accordance to the payment method chosen by the user during the telephone booking. If payment is not made within the set period, the booked tickets return back to the pool of available tickets, giving other users the possibility to purchase them.

 Are the prices of tickets purchased at the same as those sold at the station/driver?

Prices of tickets sold on our site are determined by the carriers. Currently, most carriers sell tickets at for the same price as the tickets sold at the station and from the bus driver but carriers may also sell tickets at different prices, specially prepared for the online sale.

 I would like to receive an invoice issued for me. What should I do?

Invoice is issued for every customer as a natural person. If you want an invoice issued for company select „I request an invoice” during purchase process and fill in data required. Invoice will be sent to an email address. You can also download it after the purchase. To do this, log in to your account (if you have an account) or enter Ticket Number then click „Send invoice duplicate”.

 I forgot to select "I request an invoice" during the ticket purchase. Can I still have an invoice issued for the company?

Yes. An invoice issued for a person can be altered, in order to do this log in to you account (if you have an account) or enter Ticket Number, then click "Alter invoice" and fill in the form. Altered invoice will be sent to your email address.

 What is the Money Box and how to use it?

The Money Box is a ticket payment method. It works similarly to a prepaid mobile phone. The user tops up the Money Box with a chosen amount and then use the funds for ticket purchases. The Money Box is an instant payment method.

The unused funds may be withdrawn and transferred back to the user's bank account at any time. The Money Box is available for registered users only.

 Who collects the transaction fee?

Transaction fee is collected by Teroplan S.A., owner of It is not collected by the carrier, therefore it is not part of the ticket price.

 Why does e-podróż charge a transaction fee?

Since 2 April 2013, all advertising has been removed from our website, making it much more user-friendly, and significantly increasing the loading speed of the site's pages. Ads were annoying to users, and the income from them was not sufficient to maintain the quality of service at the appropriate level, that is why these revenues were replaced by the transaction fee. Currently, more than 50 people are working on developing the website. Remember that is not just a website, but also an application for mobile devices and an infoline. The introduction of the transaction fee will allow you to use our search engine for connections on the Internet and navigation in public transport for mobile devices for free, without any limitations, and will ensure that when using these products you will not be harassed by ads, and the system will run smoothly and be friendly to you. In addition, in connection with the introduction of the transaction fee, we removed the fee for ticket delivery via text message.

 Is there a possibility to buy a ticket without incurring the cost of the transaction fee?

Yes. If the given station sells tickets for the route you plan to buy a ticket for, you can purchase a ticket at the station without incurring the transaction fee. If the tickets for the route you're interested in are sold by the driver on the bus, you can also purchase a ticket there, without the transaction fee. Remember, however, that it is related with the risk of there being no seats available on the bus. In order to find out whether ticket sales are conducted at the station or from the driver for the given route, contact the carrier handing the given route. A ticket with no transaction fee can also be purchased through our infoline at 703 402 802 – calls cost PLN 2.58/minute gross.

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